Is 3-1-1 getting a soft opening?

So remember how the city is planning to implement a 3-1-1 non-emergency call center by the end of the year?

Looks like some pieces are already up. If you call the City Hall switchboard at 215-686-1776 -- the current destination point for city information -- you get the following recording before being put on hold for an operator:

"Your call is important. Please hold for the next 3-1-1 professional representative."
We've questioned if 3-1-1 can really be fully operational by years end. A true 3-1-1 system like New York's requires expensive software and trained operators. So far, it doesn't appear that enough funding is in place to cover all the costs. And with the current budget crunch, we doubt there is a lot of extra cash floating around.

Have you called for city information lately? What has your customer service experience been like?