'Hip' Old City corridor renamed 'N3RD Street'

Hold onto your ironic T-shirt and shutter shades – a popular Old City corridor has officially been renamed “N3RD Street,” thanks to a resolution passed in City Council today.

As introduced by Councilman Mark Squilla – a self-professed “nerd” – 3rd Street between Market Street and Girard Avenue will soon don a new sign proclaiming it “N3RD Street.”

Squilla said the measure aims at attracting new, young, small business people to the area and is appropriately placed where the hipsters roam.

“There are a lot of high-tech companies coming in and we think it’s a great opportunity to attract even more,” he said.

“The people that work in that industry sort of call themselves nerds, and they are the people who are really driving this industry, so we wanted to give them accolades on this. If somebody called me a nerd, I’d take it as a compliment.”