Help Wanted: Philadelphia Prisons System

The Philadelphia Prisons System this morning asked City Council for an extra $5 million for overtime pay for corrections officers through the end of June.  The problem:  Too many unfilled jobs and not enough applicants.

Louis Giorla, the acting prisons commissioner, told Council he's made an "informal request" to Mayor Nutter to expand recruiting, similar to what recently happened with the Philadelphia Police Department.

Nutter last month waived the one-year city residency requirement for police recruits. So will he do the same for the prisons?

Nutter spokesman Doug Oliver today said it's too soon to say. The mayor wants more information on the recruitment troubles, Oliver said.

Giorla told Council that fewer people apply for prison jobs and, of those who do, fewer are making it past the physical and psychological tests and background checks.  The Prisons System has been recruiting from its own kitchen and maintenance staff and even the relatives of corrections officers to fill slots, he added.

Want to be a corrections officer?  Apply here.