Hall And Oates Fans For America -- now a Super PAC

Politicians running for president often borrow the tunes of famous musicians to spark the crowd's energy when they enter and exit campaign events.  But how many bands get their names included in the title of a Super PAC, the political action committees now allowed to raise unlimited funds?

Meet Hall and Oates Fans For America, a new Super PAC registered by Atlanta waiter William Hansmann with the U.S Federal Elections Commission Monday.  Hansmann tells us the super PAC started as a joke between a handful of friends.  He was amazed at how easy it was to register with the FEC.

"Who isn't a Hall and Oates fan in America?" Hansmann said when we asked how he came up with the name. "All those other super PACs have those ridiculously ambiguous names that any American would stand for if they didn't know what those PACs stand for."

Now that they're official, the super PAC is working on Hall and Oates parody videos about Mitt Romney, the Republican presumptive nominee for president.  Hansmann, who says he plans for vote for President Obama, points to a pair of Hall and Oates songs, "Out of Touch" and "Rich Girl," as a good place to start.

Hansmann waits tables at Two Urban Licks, a touristy place he describes as "If Madison Square Garden was a restaurant."  He says the new super PAC has no connection to the band.

Hall and Oates formed their musical alliance 40 years ago in Philadelphia.  They attended Temple University at the same time.

UPDATE, 5:15 pm: As the New York Times noted on Monday, G.E. Smith is leading the house band for the Republican National Convention, which starts in Tampa on Monday.  Smith played guitar for Hall and Oates in the 1980s and also led the Saturday Night Live house band.