Green: Mayoral Run A 'Consideration'

With Sam Katz out of the Democratic mayoral primary next year, the plot is definitely getting thicker. Now, City Councilman Bill Green, who has ruled out a 2011 mayoral run in the past, says the possibility is on the table.

“At this point, I think it’s fair to say that it’s a consideration,” Green said today. “But there are other people out there who are considering running. You know, Sam Katz got out of the race today and there are a lot of moving parts to this.”

Green stressed that he was frustrated with Nutter’s performance as mayor. “It’s clear that I think that Mayor Nutter has not done the job we all thought he would do in 2008,” Green said.

Green would not say if he had a time frame to make up his mind -- and said a run was still far from definite.

“I think it makes for more sense for me to consider whether I want to run in 2015. I have a clear vision and direction I think the city should go in,” Green said.

Nutter's campaign finance director Scott Freda last week said that if Green was concerned about the city, he should resign his Council seat and get in the race because "that's what leaders do."

Today Freda said he would comment on challengers when and if someone gets in the race.

“Right now, the mayor is focused on being mayor,” Freda said. “His priorities are increasing jobs, keeping crime down and a variety of other issues.”