Gov. Rendell's 60 Minutes Tantrum: The Lead-Up

Here's the conversation between Gov. Rendell and Lesley Stahl of "60 Minutes" on CBS that prompted him to exclaim that the news program and casino critics are "idiots" and "simpletons" -- Via a CBS3 teaser. [You can see video of Rendell's tantrum here."

  • Rendell: “It is a decent way to raise revenue where the upsides that are produced are significantly better than any downside that comes from it.”
  • Stahl: “You said there were downsides to gaming. What are they?"
  • Rendell: “The biggest downside is some people lose their paychecks. But understand Lesley they’re not losing their paychecks because Pennsylvania instituted gaming. Those people were losing their paychecks in Atlantic City, in Delaware at the race tracks...”
  • Stahl: “So why not lose it here?”
  • Rendell: “…or in West Virginia. You’re not getting it. Those people would lose that money anyway. Don’t you understand?”