Gov. Corbett's NCAA lawsuit has voter support. Gov. Corbett does not.

Critics of Gov. Corbett's recent lawsuit against the NCAA for sanctions against Penn State University's football team suggested it was motivated by a concern for his reelection effort in 2014.  If those critics were right, Corbett still has reason to be concerned.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday morning shows that Corbett's lawsuit is popular but his actions as state Attorney General in investigating the child sex abuse that sent former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky to prison are not.  The poll of 1,221 registered voters, conducted from last Tuesday to Sunday, found they support the lawsuit 47-37 percent.

But Corbett's numbers are horrendous on job performance.  Fifty percent disapprove of how he handled the Penn State investigation as attorney general while just 26 percent approve.  Overall, 51 percent say Corbett does not deserve a second term while 31 percent say he does.

Corbett couldn't even win the support of a majority of Republicans in the poll.  Just 49 percent of GOP voters in the poll support him for a second term.