GOP Candidate For DA Now Free From GPS Monitoring

Michael Untermeyer has served his time and now he is a free man, no longer under the thumb of the man.  Untermeyer, a Republican running for District Attorney against Democrat Seth Williams, had a GPS unit strapped to his ankle last month to make a point about using the technology to track non-violent criminals on the streets. That, Untermeyer said, would reduce jail overcrowding and save money.

Untermeyer, having worn the device for 30 days and allowing visitors to his campaign web site to track his movements, took it off today.  Here's what he had to say about the experience, via his Facebook page:

"30 Day Sentence is up and my demo has ended, my ankle bracelet was removed today! We can take a big cut out of crime with electronic monitor ankle bracelets. It costs just $8 dollars a day to monitor non-violent criminals versus $98 dollars a day to incarcerate."