GOP group pulls part of ad attacking Kane on rape cases

The Republican State Leadership Committee, under fire Friday for misrepresenting the role Kathleen Kane played in prosecuting a rape case while she was an assistant district attorney in Lackawanna County, is pulling references to that case from a television commercial running this week in the Philadelphia market.  That came after Kane, the Democratic nominee for state attorney general, released angry letters from the victim's father and the 1st assistant district attorney of Lackawanna County that accused the RSLC of using a lie to smear her.

The GOP group, based in Washington, D.C., is not exactly admitting to botching the facts here. Instead, RSLC president Chris Jankowski pivots to another criticism of Kane, that she claimed during the primary election campaign to have prosecuted 3,000 cases but took only 24 or so to trial.  The RSLC accused Kane of "walking away from a case with her name all over it. The paper trail, while confusing at best, shows that Kane's credibility and understanding as a prosecutor is lacking."

Kane signed the initial charging documents in the rape case, which was then handled by a different assistant district attorney, a fact easily verified in the Scranton Times-Tribune story the RSLC cites in the ad as proof.  The ad was reported on in Friday's Clout column.

The father of the rape victim, in a letter released by Kane's campaign, said "Her opponent [Cumberland County District Attorney] David Freed and those who made that advertisement should be ashamed."  The father called on the RSLC to take down the ad, asking Freed to do the same.

Tim Kelly, Freed's campaign manger, did not responded to repeated requests for comment from the Daily News Friday.

The RSLC is spending $558,700 to run the ads for about a week on 6ABC, NBC 10, CBS 3 and Fox 29.