GOP candidate rolls out song calling Bob Brady 'shady'

John Featherman, the Republican nominee challenging U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, chairman of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party, in the 1st Congressional District, just released a country music campaign song calling his opponent "shady."

“So this hear Bob Shady, he is the head honcho, he rules the Democratic Party like a king,” the song goes. “If you want to do some business here in Philly, get down on your knees and kiss his ring.”

Unconventional videos (see here and here) are the centerpiece of Featherman’s campaigns.  The issues page on Featherman’s web site is described as “a work in progress” and promises “substantive views” will be posted by March 23*. Featherman’s web site accuses Brady of having no issues page on his campaign web site. That claim appears to be inaccurate.

Featherman, a real estate agent, doesn't have deep pockets to air his new song. He has raised $5,577 this year for his campaign and had $2,375 in the bank as of Sept. 30, according to his most recent campaign finance report, due Monday but filed early.

Brady, by contrast, had $771,174 in the bank as of June 30. But don’t look for him to be airing campaign ads either. He doesn’t seem to be paying attention to Featherman’s efforts.

Featherman, who has run unsuccessfully for mayor of Philadelphia, Clerk of Quarter Sessions and the U.S. Senate, also ran against Brady in 1998. Brady took 81 percent of the vote that year while Featherman, who ran as a Libertarian, received 1 percent.  The 2011 Republican primary election for mayor was the only time Featherman came close to winning a race. He lost by 64 votes to a Democratic committeewoman.

*UPDATE: After this post appeared, Featherman said the lack of information on his issues page was an oversight that is being corrected.