Fumo Released From Hospital, Resting At His Farm

State Sen. Vince Fumo (right) with Gov. Rendell in March.

State Sen. Vince Fumo was released this morning from a Harrisburg hospital after fainting on the floor of the Senate yesterday afternoon.  Fumo spokesman Gary Tuma said doctors insisted that Fumo get some rest.  He's at his Dauphin County farm outside of Harrisburg now.

Gov. Rendell visited Fumo last night in the hospital and is hoping he can resume work on the state budget negotiations tomorrow.  Tuma said doctors attributed the dizziness that led to the fainting to anemia, low blood sugar, dehydration, stress and irregular eating during the budget negotiations this week.  Fumo will have more tests on Monday.

"I guess we tested our emergency system, and it works," joked Fumo, 65, who suffered a heart attack in March.  While there was no evidence of another heart attack, Fumo singled out for extra thanks state Sen. Pat Vance, a Cumberland County Republican and registered nurse who came to his aid when he collapsed.