Friday's DN: Gov. Corbett wins...enmity of General Assembly

Gov. Corbett gave his John Hancock to the state budget yesterday. He's using millions to work on pension reform, an issue state voters say isn't a crisis, poll shows. BRADLEY C. BOWER / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Gov. Corbett has discovered the one think Republicans and Democrats in the General Assembly can agree on:  Their mutual dislike for him.  Also in Clout today, former City Solicitor Ken Trujillo staffs up for a likely 2015 run for mayor as a Democrat while Mayor Nutter's former press secretary mulls a run as a Republican.

The Daily News sorts through the many strange things that turn up in the Lost & Found Department at the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

U.S. Department of Justice officials found themselves neck-deep in a thick, simmering stew of raw emotion in City Council chambers last night in a packed forum moderated by the Police Advisory Commission