Friday Roundup: An Old Bridge, A New Fight, A Long Time In The Spotlight

The South Street Bridge

So it's Friday and, quite frankly, PhillyClout is ready for the weekend to start.  But there are questions to be asked:

Have you ever felt trepidation while traversing the South Street bridge?

Are you surprised that state Sen. Vince Fumo's supporters are flocking to Larry Farnese, prompting a certain level of discomfort in the John Dougherty campaign?

Does anybody use a media close-up more effectively than U.S. Arlen Specter?

UP TODAY:  City Controller Alan Butkovitz, a guy who routinely puts out reports about missing municipal money in a city where elected officials occasionally go to federal prison, will conduct a seminar for staffers from Iraq's National Auditor General's Office.  Best of luck, Baghdad!