Former Councilman McElhatton plans to run for DA

From Dave Davies:

Former Philadelphia City Councilman Dan McElhatton has decided to run for District Attorney next year.

McElhatton likely be in a multi-candidate race for the Democratic nomination to succeed Lynne Abraham, who will complete 18 years at the city’s top prosecutor in January.

McElhatton served one term representing the lower Northeast in Council before being defeated in the 1995 Democratic primary by Rick Mariano, now serving a prison term on corruption charges.

McElhatton said one reason he’s willing to run is that a strengthened city Ethics Board is policing elections. McElhatton said he thinks that “those who hide behind the shield of anonymity and make scandalous accusations” are less likely to get away with it.

In a settlement with the Ethics Board last week, electricians union Local 98 admitted it was responsible for two anonymous fliers attacking Michael Nutter in the 2007 mayor’s race and paid a $10,000 fine for violating campaign finance laws.

Local 98 was active in Mariano’s campaign against McElhatton.