Former City Council staffer's legal troubles may soon be over

Long-running legal troubles for former City Councilman Jack Kelly's chief of staff and two political supporters may start to wrap up Friday morning in federal court.  Also in Friday's Clout column: State Treasurer Rob McCord staffs up in advance of a probable 2014 run for governor and City Commissioner Stephanie Singer clashes about a computer.

City Council President Darrell Clarke had a decision to make Thursday.  Politically powerful municipal unions had been threatening for days to take over City Hall to stop Mayor Nutter from delivering his budget address.  Nutter was adamant that he would deliver his speech to Council - an annual mayoral tradition.  So Clarke split the difference.

But Nutter did get to propose a budget Thursday.  Here are the details.

The Daily News editorial board calls it "a dark victory" when municipal unions can prevent the mayor from giving a speech in City Council's chambers.