Flash Mob Proposal Spooks City

In other cities, the phrase “flash mob” can mean something amazing, like a giant dance routine or pillow fight. Not so in Philadelphia, where recent rowdy mobs raised concerns about public safety.

Proof that this is still a loaded term in the city of brotherly love came to us today via our television writer Ellen Gray. Apparently fans of the NBC show Chuck are trying to rally support for a fourth season by putting on flash mobs in cities around the country on Monday.

Seattle, Chicago and San Diego presented no problems. But when the fans approached Philadelphia’s department of parks and recreation about holding such an event, they were initially given a resounding no, according to www.chucktv.net. (We asked the city if they wanted to comment on this and will update if they have a response.)

But all is well, the group has found an alternate location to gather (the Subway at 4th and Market streets) and it looks like there will be a demonstration in Philly after all. Those who want to participate can sign up here.

Still, do you think it’s sad that flash mob spells doom in Philadelphia and fun everywhere else?