First Lady predicts close presidential election

First Lady Michelle Obama just rallied the troops in her husband's re-election effort, urging them to talk up his record as president and register new voters to support his bid for a second term.

"Don't forget: This election will be even closer then ever before," she told a raucous crowd at the National Constitution Center.  "In the end this could all come down to the last few thousand voters that we register to vote."

Obama framed the president's agenda as a defense of the middle class in tough times, hitting on his push for health care reform and a bail-out of the American auto industry.

"We believe that folks shouldn't go bankrupt because somebody gets sick, she said. "They shouldn't lose their house because somebody loses their job."

Obama said the campaign needs the hard work of supporters "more than you ever know."

"That's what we're asking for: The chance to finish what we started," Obama said.