Firefighters union calls for city to implement its new contract

The Philadelphia Firefighter’s Union Local 22 filed a lawsuit this morning to compel the city to implement its new contract which includes raises and protections from furlough days.

“For the past four years, firefighters and paramedics have worked without a raise, risking our lives every day to protect the citizens of Philadelphia and their property,” union president Bill Gault said in a statement. “In return, all we ask is for a fair shake.  We’re still waiting.”

The union filed the suit with the Court of Common Pleas. A three-person arbitration panel issued the contract earlier this month and the city has 30 days to review the award.

“We’ll see what the suit says,” Nutter said, adding that the city is still reviewing the award. “We’re within that timeframe and we are fully examining that award. So I don’t know what instigated that, but anybody can file a suit about whatever they want.”