Finnigan's Wake drops $74K request to fix up alley

Finnigan's Wake, the Northern Liberties bar and catering hall run by a Democratic committeeman, has withdrawn a request for $74,000 from the Penn Treaty Special Services District to spruce up Bodine Street, a narrow alley that runs between the bar and the newly constructed Democratic City Committee headquarters.  We wrote about the issue, predicting the request would be withdrawn, in today's Clout column.

Penn Treaty Special Services District, issued this statement on its website today:

"In light of questions regarding an application for funding for enhancements for a proposed pedestrian walkway on Bodine Street, the Penn Treaty Special Services District wishes to clarify that no funding was or will be issued for this project. The applicant withdrew its funding request."

Bar owner Mike Driscoll made his pitch for the $74,000 at the district's June meeting, where a vote went in his favor.  The district board, which does not meet again until September, doles out money from a $500,000-per-year fund set up by the SugarHouse casino and community members.  The money for the Bodine Street project would not have been available until mid-September, when the board's coffers would have been filled again with casino cash.

Driscoll told us Thursday that he was willing to withdraw his request if the district thought the project didn't fit its mission.  City Councilman Mark Squilla pushed legislation, approved by Council unanimously on June 23, to erase Bodine Street from the map and give the land to Finnigan's Wake.  That legislation is now waiting for Mayor Nutter to sign it into law or veto it.

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