Fight Breaks Out in Council Balcony

A fight just broke out in City Council on the balcony level.

Civil affairs officers broke up the altercation which stalled Council for several minutes. Two men were taken away in custody shouting: "Jail the killer cops now. The Philadelphia police are a bunch of thugs taking away people’s rights." One man also told a cop: "You hit like a sissy man."

A police officer pushed Daily News Chris Brennan out of the way when he tried to ask the men questions.

Apparently the men were from the Uhuru movement, a social justice group. Members of the group said they were protesting Nutter's budget decisions, as well as the death of a man named Sharif Lee Jones, who they say was killed by Philly cops.

"We're excercising our First Amendement rights, our Democratic rights," said Harris Daniels.

The donnybrook broke out while Council was honoring the Frankford Chargers football team.  The players wore heavy red and white jackets that had patches saying "Sharif Jones RIP."

Daniels said Jones had played for the football team.