Failed mayoral candidate John Featherman runs for Congress

This just in from Facebook: Perennial Republican candidate John Featherman says he plans to run for the 1st Congressional District seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, the chairman of the Democratic Party in Philadelphia.

Featherman, you may recall, was unable to defeat Democratic committeewoman Karen Brown in last year's Republican primary election for mayor.

Featherman's Facebook post announcing his plans is heavy with the burdens a political campaign places on a personal life.  It appears above another post, where he urges the "decriminalization of prostitution and drugs."

Featherman, a real-estate agent, ran against Brady in 1998.  Brady took 81 percent of the vote that year to Featherman's 1 percent.*  Featherman has also run unsuccessfully for Philadelphia Clerk of Quarter Sessions and the U.S. Senate.

* This post has been corrected.  An earlier version overstated the number of votes received by Brady and Featherman in 1998.