Election Day Roundup -- The District Attorney Race

After almost 20 years in office, District Attorney Lynne Abraham – one of the city’s top female elected officials – is stepping down at the end of her term this year. Today two men are vying to fill her shoes.

Democratic candidate Seth Williams, 42, won the tough five-way Democratic primary for DA. The former prosecutor made a strong showing when he tried to unseat Abraham four years ago. He also served a two-year stint as the city inspector general under Mayor Street.

Williams is up against Michael Untermeyer, 58, a former assistant district attorney and state deputy attorney general. He ran an unsuccessful race two years ago in the Democratic primary against Sheriff John Green. Untermeyer has pledged tougher sentences for gun crimes. Here’s a recent Daily News profile of Untermeyer.

Williams is overwhelmingly favored to win. Showing that he thinks so too, Williams has already laid out his priorities for the office

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