Election Day -- Nutter Talks Turnout In West Oak Lane

Mayor Nutter talked turnout today at a luncheon for elected officials at Relish Restaurant in West Oak Lane, hosted by state Rep. Dwight Evans. Daily News reporter Jan Ransom reports from the scene about his remarks:

"We've been fighting a perception. There's been talk about a gap in enthusiasm. There is no gap in enthusiam. Folks are very serious about this election. This is going to be a great election. We're serious about this election. People came out early. Theyre taking this election very seriously. They get it.," Nutter said.

Nutter described the mood today as "overwhelming excitement. People want to defy the expectations set forth by others who don't know Philadelphia well and underestimated the power of the people here in philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania in general. You cant measure what's in someone's heart."