Election 2010: Will Mega Survives Ballot Challenge

Hiram Will Mega Ashantee, who became well-known as a contestant in 2000 on the debut of the CBS reality television show "Big Brother," prevailed this afternoon in a legal challenge filed by a voter trying to remove him from the May 18 Democratic Ballot for the state House's 192nd District.

Voter Jimmy Cade claimed in testimony that he knew the candidate as Will Mega and that the potential for him having other names could be confusing in the election.  Ashantee was born William Collins IV, announced on television in 2000 that he wanted to be known as Will Mega, legally changed his name in 2002 to Hiram Kasai Ashantee and then legally changed his name again on Feb. 1 to Hiram Will Mega Ashantee.

Cade's attorney, David Senoff, argued that Ashantee was using variations on the name for the affidavit of his candidacy, this political action committee and his nominating petitions.  Commonwealth Court Judge Johnny Butler ruled that the various name issues were not a reason to remove Ashantee from the ballot.  Ashantee is running against state Rep. Louise Williams Bishop.

Ashantee asked Cade before his testimony: "How much is Louise going to give your for this?"  Cade replied: "Who? I don't quite understand you."  During his testimony, Cade said that Ashantee pulled up in front of his house yesterday with a bullhorn and called his name several times.  Cade said Ashantee called him a "p***y" and then said he would see him in court. "So I had accept his invitation and come to court today," Cade testified.  Ashantee shook his head and laughed, saying: "That's so hilarious."