Election 2010: Serendipity In The Mail For Tom Corbett

Attorney General Tom Corbett's decision to participate in a federal lawsuit challenging the new health care reform law has Democrats complaining that he is using his office to help boost his campaign for the Republican nomination for governor.  Those Democrats pointed this week to a fund-raising letter from Corbett's campaign, which showed up Monday in local mailboxes. In the letter, Corbett declares that he is "leading the fight" against "government-run socialized medicine."

Corbett's campaign said the letter was first issued in February and then sent out a second time by third-class mail -- which explains the delayed delivery -- on March 8, two weeks before the U.S. House passed the legislation and President Obama signed it into law.  March 8 was the day Obama came to Philadelphia to deliver an impassioned pitch for the legislation in a speech at Arcadia University.

Corbett spokeswoman Kirsten Page told PhillyClout it was "absolute coincidence" that the letter was mailed on the day Obama came to Pennsylvania and that it arrived after the legislation was passed and the lawsuit was filed.  “Who could have predicted the timing of the way things played out?"  Page added.