Election 2010: Rendell Praises But Doesn't Endorse Williams

Gov. Rendell had nothing but nice things to say about state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams this morning as the Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity endorsed the West Philly legislator in Tuesday's Democratic primary election for governor.  But don't take that as an endorsement, cautioned Rendell, who said he wanted to remain neutral in the four-man Democratic race.

"I am incredibly impressed with the campaign he has waged," Rendell said. "And he's always been one of the brightest people in the building."

Williams, speaking in the same event where the Black clergy endorsed U.S. Sen Arlen Specter, noted that one of several conspiracy theories about why he entered the gubernatorial race in late January was to have an African-American politician on the ballot from Philadelphia  to drive voter turn-out here.  A large Democratic turn-out in Philadelphia Tuesday would be a boon for Specter.

"I'm not a blocking back today," Williams said, once again rejecting suggestions that he is in the race for any reason other than his desire to be governor.