Election 2010: Onorato Raises $9 Million For Governor

The latest state campaign finance reports for the governor's race are not due for another week but political tradition holds that the candidate who expects to have the most cash lets everyone know about it as soon as possible.  Gov. Rendell did it before the 2002 Democratic primary election.  Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato did it today, in advance of the May 18 primary.

Onorato announced that he has raised $9 million and still has nearly $7 million in the bank.  After the jump, you can read the news release his campaign just sent reporters.  Onorato always held a substantial lead on two other Democrats in the race -- state Auditor General Jack Wagner and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel.  State Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams, a late entry in the race, is expected to be well ahead of Wagner and Hoeffel when the campaign finance reports are filed.  But Williams, rumored to be receiving big contributions from conservative/libertarians interested in school vouchers, may have just half of what Onorato is reporting.

Onorato Campaign Announces It Has Raised Over $9 Million
Campaign Has Almost $7 Million Cash-on-Hand

PITTSBURGH: Today, Dan Onorato's campaign announced it has raised $9.034 million with $6.7 million cash-on-hand available at the end of March 2010.

“We are very excited about the financial support the campaign has received from across Pennsylvania,” said Campaign Manager Kevin Kinross. “We’ve raised over $9 million dollars since we began the campaign and have more than $6.7 million cash-on-hand at the end of March. These resources have allowed the campaign to develop an extensive field effort that, combined with our tremendous grassroots support, led to the collection of more than 20,000 signatures, roughly as many as were collected by the other three candidates combined. The campaign has also collected more than $900,000 since the beginning of January, and with continued donations from throughout the state, we are confident we will be successful in our campaign to elect Dan Onorato as the next Governor of Pennsylvania.”

Onorato for Governor will file its first quarter numbers on April 6, 2010, showing $6,741,326 cash-on-hand. Onorato has raised $909,271 between January 1 and March 29, 2010.

Onorato has picked up significant political support across Pennsylvania. Onorato was endorsed by a dozen southwestern Pennsylvania county commissioners, Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla, Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Easton Mayor Salvatore J. Panto, Jr., State Representatives Mike Gerber and Tony Payton, Jr., State Senators Daylin Leach and Andy Dinniman and Congressman Pat Murphy. Onorato has also won major statewide labor endorsements, including the Pennsylvania State Education Association, United Steelworkers and the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters, as well as several locals.