Election 2010: Black Clergy To Back Specter Tomorrow

U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter is counting on heavy Democratic voter turn-out in Philadelphia during next Tuesday's Democratic primary election to help fend off a growing challenge from U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak.  This may help:  The Black Clergy of Philadelphia and Vicinity will endorse him tomorrow, with Gov. Rendell and state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams attending.

Williams, one of four Democrats seeking the nomination for governor on Tuesday, could also use a little turn-out help here in his hometown.  The Black Clergy represents 450 churches in the region. 

The Daily News/Franklin & Marshall Poll, released Wednesday, suggested that lower voter turn-out on Tuesday would be good news for Sestak.  Specter had a 38-29 percent lead on Sestak among all registered Democrats.  Sestak held a 38-36 percent lead when that group was narrowed to those most likely to vote.  The poll also found Specter and Sestak in a virtual tie in this region, with one-third of those polled undecided.