Drive my car

The lyrics of the Beatles' "Drive My Car" predictably came to mind earlier today when the topic of City Council members using city-paid vehicles came up once again.

Joe McColgan, a Republican running for Council-at-Large, announced in a news release that he wouldn't accept a city car (or a city pension) if he's elected.

“After the DROP fiasco, it is no wonder why Philadelphians have little trust in their government and elected officials,” McColgan said, according to the release.  

“I’ve been very clear that in order to fix our great city, we need leaders who place her interests first.  This is why I won’t take a pension or city-financed car when I’m elected to City Council.”

McColgan echoed remarks made last night by Bill Rubin, the Democrat who's challenging Republican Minority Leader Brian O'Neill in Northeast Philly's 10th Councilmanic District.

Rubin called the use of city vehicles a "waste of taxpayer money," during a head-to-head debate with O'Neill.

O'Neill said during the debate that he would give up his car if Mayor Nutter did the same first. In the meantime, he said, "I need it more than anybody. My district is the furthest away from City Hall."

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