'Doomsday' Five Year Plan To Be Submitted to City Council Tomorrow

The Nutter administration plans to send the revised five-year financial plan, otherwise known as "Plan C," to City Council members tomorrow.

Plan C cuts $700 million from Nutter's original five-year plan, which was approved in May. The plan will be enacted if the state doesn't soon get approval from the state for a temporary sales tax increase and some changes to payments into the pension fund.

Nutter must send the changes to City Council, but how Council will proceed is unclear. Council could hold a vote to approve the changes, they could officially waive a vote or if they take no action, the plan will be considered approved after ten days.

Many details of Plan C have already been released. Nearly 3,000 city workers would lose their jobs, including police officers and firefighters. All libraries and recreation centers would close. And trash collection would go to every other week.

But it's still not clear that Plan C will be enacted. The state Senate could vote on legislation granting the Philadelphia approvals as early as August 26.