Does Obama face an enthusiasm gap with Philly voters?

Is there an enthusiasm gap in Philly for President Obama, four years after his historic election?  The City Commission, which runs elections here, was swamped in 2008 with applications from new voters.  That's not the case now

Commission staffer Tim Dowling reported at this morning's weekly meeting that he has received 11,913 new voter registrations since March 27, the first day to sign up for November's general election.

"That's a significant drop-off from four years ago," said Dowling, noting that his office had 45,500 applications in the same period in 2008. "So it's about one-fourth of what we had in 2008."

There certainly is plenty of enthusiasm for First Lady Michelle Obama, due to speak this afternoon at the National Constitution Center.  The line to get in wraps around the block.  She is in town to tout her husband's bid four a second term.  The president visits Philly next Tuesday.