Did DA Seth Williams just agree to debate his GOP opponent?

Republican Danny Alvarez wants to debate Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, a Democrat, before the Nov. 5 general election.

We told you earlier this week that District Attorney Seth Williams, a Democrat wrapping up his first term, had declined an invitation to debate Danny Alvarez, his Republican opponent in the Nov. 5 general election.  Did all that just change?

Alvarez tracked down Williams this morning at a diner in Lawncrest, where the incumbent was schmoozing voters while they enjoyed breakfast.  Alvarez pressed through the crowd to shake Williams' hand and ask: "Mr. Williams, when are you going to debate me?"

Williams didn't pay much attention and a campaign consultant did his best to shield the incumbent from the challenger.  Alvarez persisted, prompting Williams to say: "Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan...we will. We will. We will."  Williams then waved his hand, as if shooing Alvarez away.

The campaign consultant, William Miller V. says three times to Alvarez: "You'll get one."

Alvarez took all this as a "yes" to a debate. We're waiting on the Williams campaign to confirm that he plans to debate Alvarez.