From the Dept. of Sour Grapes

Remember Brian Hickey, the former City Paper scribe turned spokesman for John Dougherty? That whole press gig didn't really turn out as planned, since Doc's state senate run failed Tuesday. And Hickey says it's all the media's fault. The following is from Hickey's blog (credit to DMac over at for finding it.)

"Coming later today, or maybe tomorrow, depending on how much work we have to do today to keep our fledgling organization to push John's initiatives going strong, I'll be offering a full breakdown on why the residents of the First District made out worse on Tuesday than either John or Anne Dicker; complete with a breakdown of how the city's established media used a disgusting, all-out smear campaign to keep a good man down. You'd never believe half of the things I saw to that end; makes me wonder why I got into the press game in the first place."

The post seems to echo Dougherty's final email to supporters, which said, "we ran a positive, issues-oriented, honorable race, despite the biased newspaper coverage and the unrelenting smear campaign orchestrated by Fumo for Larry Farnese's benefit."

Hickey says he needs some sleep before he writes more. So tune in next week for the full expose. We can hardly stand the anticipation....