Dems trade barbs while the GOP consolidates in AG race

What is it with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and the state Attorney General's Office? The Democrats have never held the elected office. And the Republican Party now seems poised to maintain control as the state's top prosecutor for another four years.

Consider two events yesterday. First Gov. Corbett plans to support Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed for attorney general prompted state Sen. John Rafferty of Montgomery County to suspend his campaign in the Republican primary election. So, barring the entry of another Republican into the primary, the GOP can unite behind Freed.

On the Democratic side, the Associated Press reported that former U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy didn't take the Bar exam in Pennsylvania. Rather, he took it in Minnesota and later was admitted to the Pennsylvania bar, though the former U.S. Army military prosecutor has no courtroom experience in this state.  Local attorney Dan McCaffery's campaign pounced on the news.  So did the Republicans.

Now consider how the Democrats faced off last week.  McCaffery held a campaign event at City Hall with a bunch of local high-profile Democrats endorsing him.  Just as that was about to start, the third candidate in the Democratic primary, Kathleen Kane, issued a statement that she had $2 million in the bank. 

Kane, a former Lackawanna County assistant district attorney, refused to respond to the obvious follow-up question:  How much of that money comes from her and her husband, who runs a successful trucking business in northeastern Pennsylvania.  So Kane's campaign managed to look opportunistic and amateurish at the same time.  Kane will have to report on Jan. 31 where her cash came from.