DROP Hearings Coming In Council

City Council will hold hearings into the controversial Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) - but only after Councilmembers Marian Tasco (right), Frank Rizzo (middle) and City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione stand for re-election on May 17. Each is enrolled in the program. (Staff Photos)

City Council is finally poised to hold hearings on the controversial DROP program.

A spokesman for Council President Anna Verna said City Council leadership will be introducing legislation on the Deferred Retirement Option Plan at their May 26 meeting, with plans to hold hearings on the program during the week of June 6.

Given that Mayor Nutter has sent legislation to Council to abolish DROP, the new bill would likely be an effort to modify the program in some way to reduce costs.

Council has drawn flack for not moving on DROP sooner. They have been mum on DROP since February, when its consultant, Bolton Partners Inc., reported that DROP has cost the city $100 million since 1999. That was far less than the $258 million price tag put on the plan in August by Boston College researchers hired by Mayor Nutter.