DN Reporters Win Pulitzer!!!!!

Philadelphia Daily News Reporters Barbara Laker (left) and Wendy Ruderman, and Daily News Editor Michael Days react to the news. (Sarah J. Glover)

A big PhillyClout congrats to Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman who just won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting. From the Pulitzer website:

Investigative Reporting - Awarded to Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman of the Philadelphia Daily News for their resourceful reporting that exposed a rogue police narcotics squad, resulting in an FBI probe and the review of hundreds of criminal cases tainted by the scandal.

The dynamic duo are celebrating in the DN newsroom where we're told Ruderman just drank champagne out of her sneaker.You can check out their winning series "Tainted Justice" here.