DC 47 Prez Hangs Outside Budget Meeting

PhillyClout isn’t the only interested onlooker hanging around the meeting between Mayor Nutter, City Council and Philadelphia’s Harrisburg delegation today. Cathy Scott, president of AFSCME District Council 47, which represents the city’s white-collar workers, is also outside the closed doors.

Scott said she predicted when the budget passed that leaving key components "up to someone else" would later be trouble for the city. She is not in the meeting and laughed when PhillyClout suggested she was trying to find out what was going just like lurking reporters.

Scott also said she is not for or against the pension changes.

"I think before they make that decision that an entire analysis should be done on the impact on the fund," Scott said, brushing off a question about budget timing. "I have no idea if we're out of time or not. I have an obligation to my members to make sure their pensions are solvent."