DC33 Prez: 'Hold up this budget'

Pete Matthews, president of the city’s largest blue-collar union workforce, was afforded some mic time before City Council today, making another attempt at getting contracts for his members.

Minutes before Council convened its second-to-last meeting of the session, Matthews addressed all 16 council members (excluding Ed Neilson – yet to be sworn-in) in caucus.

“Hold up this budget,” he said.

“I’m here to ask city council today… If you remember, the biggest issue out there was health and welfare costs. That’s all (the mayor) talked about. In five years, we haven’t gotten a dime in health and welfare.”

AFSCME District Council 33 has gone five years without a contract with the city. Matthews blames Mayor Nutter for the hold-up.

“Well, it’s very interesting, given the fact that we actually tried recently to set up a time to meet with Mr. Matthews and his team and they cancelled the meeting,” said Nutter.

“So, it’s really hard to talk with folks about a contract when they don’t want to talk.”

Council President Darrell Clarke said that, while he sympathized with Williams’ frustrations, the matter of the budget will be addressed next week at Council’s final session.