DA: Facebook friends, Twitter pals not exempt from law

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams took to his Facebook page and Twitter feed this afternoon to say there is no get-out-of-jail-free card for his Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

"Regularly scheduled Facebook "friendship" disclaimer. Your use and viewing of this page does not constitute "friendship" to bar criminal prosecution in the City and County of Philadelphia by the Office of the District Attorney," Williams posted on his Facebook page about two hours ago.  He also linked to it on his Twitter feed.

It's a tricky legal landscape out there for Facebookers.  State Rep. Cherelle Parker had a DUI charge tossed out of court in November by a Municipal Court judge who was also her Facebook friend.  A Common Pleas Court judge reinstated the charges last month, saying the first judge should have recused himself because of the Facebook friend status.

Williams emailed to tell us that nobody has tried to use Facebook friend status with him to avoid prosecution but he thought the post would be both humorous and prudent considering how Parker's case played out.