Curious About Councilman Green's Suggested Budget Cuts?

Councilman Bill Green, who has been talking about solving some of the city's budget problems through further cuts, today put out a press release detailing his proposals.

You can read an explanation of Green's plan here.

The city faces a projected budget deficit of up to $150 million, which Mayor Nutter proposes closing largely through a fee on trash collection and a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. Green is instead suggesting that the city should cut spending by an additional $46 million -- mostly by not filling vacant positions -- and reduce the surplus fund balance from $64 million to $20 million.

Nutter's aides have noted that they already included $33 million in cuts in the budget and argued that not filling jobs could negatively affect services and safety. They also said lowering the surplus could leave the city without enough cash to pay the bills or damage the city's ability to borrow.

It is not yet clear how much support Green's proposals have in Council.