Councilman's Controversial Aide Explains Her Actions

Wilson Goode Jr. and Latrice Bryant pose in Jamaica. (Photo courtesy:

Latrice Bryant, City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr.'s controversial chief legislative aide, just explained some of her behavior that was broadcast on Fox 29 News in September.  Bryant, who made a spectacle of herself by holding up signs in Council's Sept. 18 session calling Fox 29 racist, said she "just lost it" after a reporter pursued her for a story about her attending to personal business while logged in as working at City Hall.

Bryant also had an explanation for a set of pictures Fox 29 obtained, which showed Goode looking very cozy with her on a 2005 vacation to Jamaica.  They bought the tickets, Bryant told Harry Hairston of NBC 10, to attend a co-worker's wedding.  But then Goode fired the co-worker.  So the pair decided to use the tickets for a vacation.

“I would like to note that both the councilman and I are single, without any children," Bryant added.  Pressed on whether there was any romantic relationship, she said: I’ll deny a romantic relationship because we’re professionals. What we do at work is very professional."


What discipline, if any, should Latrice Bryant face?

Bryant said she would "admit mistakes" were made on her Council work time sheets but insisted that she sometimes works outside of the office, including at Goode's "house for early morning meetings."  Goode last month reimbursed the city for $836.35 -- the amount the City Controller determined Bryant had been paid for time she was not working.