Councilman Kelly: Vick Should Help Pit Bulls Find Homes

City Councilman Jack Kelly has made a major issue of combating cruelty to animals during his time in office and his last run for re-election. [OK, some would say he made it his only issue during his time in office.] 

So it comes as no surprise that the decision by the Philadelphia Eagles to sign quarterback Michael Vick, aka "Ron Mexico" of dog-fighting infamy has left Kelly wondering about redemption.  Here's a statement his office just released:

“I have been a lifelong Eagles fan but I will have a hard time rooting for a man convicted of heinous crimes against defenseless animals. If Mr. Vick is truly remorseful and dedicates his time to the prevention of cruelty to animals he may prove his second chance was deserved. There are also thousands of Pit bulls in city shelters who are in desperate need of a second chance and loving home.”