Councilman Kelly Issues Rebuke & Warning On Pet Issue

City Councilman Jack Kelly, who  doesn't weigh in too heavily on most subjects, has made a pet issue of animal care and control in Philadelphia.  Kelly, who played the animal card hard in his last campaign, showed a bit of ire on the topic a few minutes ago in the Council budget hearing for the city Health Department.  Kelly is deeply displeased with the Animal Care and Control Team from the Pennsylvania SPCA, which has the city contract to handle animal issues.

"I want to just tell you that I am completely angry over the decision that you and the mayor and the administration made in awarding that contract," Kelly told Dr. Don Schwartz, who heads the Health Department. "I think it’s obvious that it was disastrous and somehow we’re going to have to get through this. I’m also cautiously optimistic that we can work together. And I hope to work with you and the mayor to see if we can do some damage control."

Kelly cited a story in today's Philadelphia Weekly, which in turn cites stories previously published in the Daily News on the subject of animal care.  But after raising the issue, Kelly said the budget hearing wasn't the right place to talk about the issue. Instead, he'll be bringing it up at tomorrow's weekly Council session.  And if he isn't satisfied, Kelly warned, he'll seek Council hearings on the subject.