Councilman Green Slams Nutter Decision On FOP Award in Letter

Councilman Bill Green yesterday sent a raging letter to his fellow Council members, the mayor and top city officials regarding Nutter's decision not to appeal the recent police arbitration award.

In the five-page screed, Green -- a frequent critic of Mayor Nutter's policies -- says the city cannot afford the wage increases provided in the award, argues that the changes to benefit programs are incremental at best and states that it is irresponsible for the city not to appeal.

Here's a quote:

"Repeatedly – in his inaugural address, in his budget address, in the Inquirer several weeks ago -- Mayor Nutter has claimed he can make the tough decisions. Declaring victory, instead of appealing an award the city clearly cannot afford and would be vacated in court is a decision. Unfortunately, it is neither the tough decision, nor the right one."

Green then called on the administration to immediately begin making budget cuts to deal with the added cost of the award.

Nutter this week said he would not appeal the award -- which the city estimates will cost an additional $123.5 million over five years -- because he feared losing the changes to healthcare and pensions provided in the award.Under the award, the city will realize some long-term savings through changes to the way health care bills are paid and the addition of a lower cost pension program.

We've contacted the mayor's press office to see if they have any further comment on the details of the letter and will update with any response.

To read the full letter, click here.