Councilman Goode's Aide Calls Fox29 'Racist'

City Councilman W. Wilson Goode Jr. came to work today with an attention-grabbing piece of legislation that could change the way some of his colleagues get elected.  But he quickly was overshadowed in Council's chambers by his chief legislative aide, Latrice Bryant, who held up a series of handmade signs that said "Fox29 in racist" and "K.K.K."

Fox29 reporter Jeff Cole has been following Goode and Bryant, filming their comings and goings.  And Bryant is not at all happy about it.   Cole confronted Goode after Council's session wrapped up, asking if he thought Fox29's reporting was racist.  Goode didn't break stride as reporters rushed after him.

Councilman W. Wilson Goode and an aide clash with Fox29.

Cole's questions involved videotape he says Fox29 has of Bryant, while listed as working in City Hall:  a) working out in the gym and b) walking with Goode into his house with a case of beer and c)  leaving Goode's house looking as if she had spent the night there.

Goode responded that a) his employees had not been filling out their work time sheets daily, which led to mistakes that have been corrected and b) who he goes to his house with is his business and c) Cole's question was disrespectful.

Bryant, who is paid $90,000 a year, has been a city employee since 1993, except for a span in 2004 when she stepped down to run unsuccessfully for the state legislature.

Goode told PhillyClout he is not worried that this Fox29 report will affect his legislation, which would allow voters to cast ballots for six of the seven at-large council members, instead of five as the City Charter currently allows.  That could effectively eliminate one of the two at-large seats set aside for minority political party candidates [Republicans] as mandated by the Charter.