Councilman Clarke Wants To Talk Gun Control With Gov. Corbett

Check out this letter Councilman Darrell Clarke sent to Gov. Corbett:

January 17, 2011

The Honorable Tom Corbett, Governor

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

225 Main Capitol Building

Harrisburg, PA 17120

Governor Corbett,

I am writing to respectfully request a meeting with you to discuss how the City and the Commonwealth can find some common ground regarding gun violence prevention.

Unfortunately, the recent tragedy in Arizona has once again highlighted the vital importance of public safety in our society. This incident is yet another example of the extreme harm that dangerous weapons can cause when in the wrong hands. It is a painful reminder of why gun violence prevention is one of the most important issues affecting our communities.

In 2008 the City Council of Philadelphia passed, and the Mayor signed into law, legislation aimed ensuring that handguns be accessible only to responsible, law abiding individuals. Included were measures allowing the City of Philadelphia to exercise slightly more discretion in the issuance of permits to carry handguns, as well as a prohibition on assault weapons in the City. This legislation does not, and was never intended to, abridge the rights of responsible, law abiding citizens. They do, however, represent what we believe is necessary to help protect our residents from the kind of individuals bent on creating mayhem and carnage in our communities.

Recognizing the ideological differences present, I remain optimistic that common ground can be found. I truly believe that increased dialogue amongst State and City leaders can yield reasonable compromises. It is in this spirit that I respectfully request your audience to further discuss this critical issue.


 Darrell L. Clarke

Councilman, 5th District

Majority Whip