Councilman Johnson withdraws support for Korman apartment proposal in Eastwick

Following concerns from Eastwick residents, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson has decided to withdraw a zoning proposal that would have allowed Korman Residential to construct a 722-unit, two-story apartment complex in the area.

Johnson made the announcement at a community meeting Tuesday evening.

"I pulled my support because I was listening to the residents of Eastwick," Johnson said in a statement. "There were too many concerns around flooding and the community has continually said that they don't want a 722- unit apartment development in the area. The community has spoken and absent an agreement between Korman and the community, I will not support the project."

Johnson introduced the bill in the spring on behalf of the Nutter administration. The measure would have changed the zoning of the area from single-family owners to multifamily rentals. The bill was stalled in June after hours of testimony –mostly from concerned residents –at a Council committee hearing.

It’s not clear how Johnson’s decision will affect a recent court settlement in which the city agreed to pay Korman $9.6 million and grant the zoning change, in return for Korman giving up development rights for 79 acres of land the city had hoped to get for the airport.

The administration could not be reached for comment at the time of this post. A source said earlier though that the deal would not be available if the property were not rezoned.