Councilman Greenlee: Paid sick leave bill to return in January

Council President Darrell Clarke, left talks with fellow councilmen William Greenlee, Curtis Jones (partially hidden) and James Kenney before Thursday's session. (Ed Hille / Staff Photographer)

Paid sick leave bill will be making a comeback in January, says City Councilman Bill Greenlee.

Greenlee hosted a roundtable discussion with small business owners Monday in City Hall about a proposal Mayor Nutter vetoed more than a year ago that would require businesses with 11 or more workers to allow employees to earn up to seven sick days a year and companies with 10 or fewer workers to offer four sick days.

Greenlee says he’s looking to introduce the bill after Council returns from its winter recess at the end of January and he says he has more than the 12 votes needed to override Nutter’s veto.

Nutter has said the measure would put jobs at risk and discourage businesses from coming to the city.