Council Will Hold Plan C Hearings If Neccessary

City Council just wrapped up their first fall session, which featured discussion on the city's grim budget situation. 

Council approved a resolution introduced by Councilman Bill Green, calling on the administration to immediately provide Council with a revised "Plan C"  backup budget which includes funding for the court system. Green stressed that Council did not approve Plan C in August, but instead waived a vote on the plan at the mayor's request.

If budget relief doesn't pass in Harrisburg by tomorrow, the city will be required to provide a revised Plan C to the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority by next Friday. Council President Verna said that if that happens, Council will hold hearings on the plan before Friday.

Plan C includes the layoffs of 3,000 city workers, closing libraries and recreation centers and reduction in trash collection. PICA has specifically questioned the Plan C intent to eliminate funds for the First Judicial District, the District Attorney and the Public Defender.

Verna said that Council woked throughout the summer on the budget, scoffing at the suggestion that Council has been AWOL on the issue. "I think each and every member has made phone calls to representatives in Harrisburg," she said.