City Council Staffer To Run For State House in NE

Looks like another Boyle is taking a shot at the state House of Represenatives.

Kevin Boyle, younger brother of state Rep. Brendan Boyle, is leaving his job in City Council to make a Democratic run for the 172nd District in Northeast Philadelphia, a seat currently held by Republican John Perzel.

“The people of the northeast deserve a state Representative who’s not on his way to jail,” Boyle said. Today is his last day working in Council and he plans to formally declare his plans to run for the seat over the weekend.

Perzel, who has held the seat since 1979, is charged with using state money for political purposes as part of a state attorney general probe of the General Assembly known as “bonsugate.”

Boyle, 30, has worked as legislative director for Councilman Bill Greenlee for the past two years. A veteran of his brother’s three bids for office, he said he is ready to hit the campaign trail, where he plans to focus on public safety and jobs for the northeast.

“I’ve run three state house campaigns basically against the Perzel machine,” he said. “The party leaders in Harrisburg have certainly encouraged me to run.”

State Rep. Brendan Boyle represents parts of northeast Philadelphia and Montgomery County. Kevin Boyle stressed he would be running on his own qualifications.

"I don't think having a brother in the state house makes me qualified, but it doesn't disqualify me, he said.